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Harrison College

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Fashion Merchandising

This program provides students with a combination of highly creative, fashion-oriented courses as well as a solid business background. By including management classes, students are prepared for such positions as merchandise manager, buying assistant, fashion coordinator, and retail store manager.

Possible Job Titles

Merchandise Buyer Assistant, Merchandise Buyer, Merchandiser, Apparel Merchandiser, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion Coordinator, Retail Merchandiser, Visual Merchandising Manager

Skills, Tasks & Knowledge of the Job

  • Analyze the market and spot trends; make informed product selections and determine most effective product quantities
  • Negotiate purchase prices and help set retail prices (mark-up rates)
  • Follow seasonal changes in fashion styles
  • Visit manufacturers and conduct on-site product reviews with manufacturers' representatives
  • Work within a team of fashion and retail professionals
  • Usually work within a specialty or specific line of fashion
  • At least some travel is usually required, more travel in some types of merchandising jobs than others

Typical Work Environments

  • Retail companies, both online and land-based
  • Various textile and fashion organizations
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