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Online Graphic Design Schools

Degrees in Graphic Design: Graphic Design is one of the fastest growing creative careers in the world today thanks to the important role graphic designers play at major brands worldwide. Graphic Design is frequently used to help make websites appealing and user friendly, but it can also be turned to advertising, marketing, branding and a variety of other key functions that keep companies in contact with their customers. An excellent Graphic Design project is artistic, compelling, and helps make money, too!

Graphic Design majors learn a great deal about bringing their creativity to life using the latest methods available. In addition to honing their artistic instincts, they will usually discover the tricks of the trade by becoming adept at a wide variety of art-related software programs. This prepares them to work directly within the creative team of a Fortune 500 company, at a creative firm, or as an independent contractor. Many Graphic Design experts learn about web design to build their own business.

Graphic Design Degree Levels Available Online

  • Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate: 1 year to complete
  • Associate Degree: 2 years to complete
  • Bachelor's Degree: 4 years to complete
  • Master's Degree: 1-3 years to complete
  • Doctorate Degree:  4-6 years to complete

An undergraduate certificate is a superior way to get started in Graphic Design around your own busy schedule while amassing credits that can apply to a degree later on. An undergraduate certificate in Graphic Design usually focuses on a single area of focus and helps to make you an expert in that particular focus area. It may cover a special area of Graphic Design practice such as typography, print and editorial design, branding and identity, information design, packaging and production, presentation skills or a specific software tool used in the modern online graphic design schools.

A bachelor's degree is a great way to prepare yourself for an exciting career in Graphic Design. You will have the opportunity to build traditional artistic skills while mastering the technology that professionals use in the field. This combination makes a bachelor's degree a perfect choice if you want to become an independent creative consultant or join some of the hot up-and-coming creative firms out of exciting cities like New York and San Diego. 

A master's degree in Graphic Design is the first step toward becoming a world famous Graphic Design instructor or professor. In Graphic Design, the master's degree represents proficiency and the development of a unique professional style. You will have the chance to complete a research project, the thesis, which will help you cement your place at the forefront of the industry. Plus, you'll contribute new knowledge that will push the boundaries of Graphic Design further.

A doctoral degree in Graphic Design is rare, but it makes you one of the foremost authorities in this profession. You will be qualified to teach Graphic Design online or at the traditional "brick and mortar" school of your choice, including prestigious art schools. You will continue to sharpen your research skills by producing a thesis, a very long and involved research project that can be textual or graphical in nature. With a doctorate, you may find yourself working to create new tools for the next wave of Graphic Design!

Admission Requirements

As a visual field, it is important that you prepare your Graphic Design application portfolio with any samples of artistic work you may have done. Your complete package will include some or all of the following:

  • • High School Diploma, Transcripts or GED
  • • ACT, SAT and Other Standardized Tests
  • • Letters of Recommendation
  • • Personal Statements/Essays
  • • Samples of Your Work

As you study in Graphic Design, you will be asked to create all kinds of different projects. You might be asked to create storyboards, logos, or graphics for websites, for example. All of these should go into your portfolio. Many Graphic Design majors create their portfolio online to show that they are capable of conceiving and directing the project from start to finish using new media techniques.

Online Graphic Design vs. Traditional College Programs

In some ways, an online Graphic Design program may actually be better than traditional college programs in the same field! You will be able to watch and learn, working along with your instructor, as he or she demonstrates the latest techniques. You'll have the chance to exchange artistic projects and files and work directly with the same technical resources that your professors use -- the same ones that you will be using during your professional career. Plus, it's easy to coordinate and complete the group projects that will contribute most to your portfolio.

Tuition and Accreditation

Tuition for a Graphic Design program depends on how long the program is, what kinds of amenities the program includes, and how in demand it might be. It is a good idea to assume about $15,000 to $22,000 per year for a bachelor's degree program, although it may be more or less. There are many different kinds of certifications in Graphic Design, which can be as inexpensive as about $200 and as expensive as $5,000 or more. Master and doctoral degrees are more expensive and longer than bachelor's degrees, but excellence can lead to substantial scholarships.

Thousands of different design colleges and online colleges offer Graphic Design degrees, and there are relatively few professional associations in the field. However, you should be sure that any college you attend has been accredited by an impartial outside agency with several years or decades of work evaluating the academic standards of programs. A good online program will provide you with an education similar to a "face-to-face" one.

Choosing the Best Graphic Design Degree

There is so much to learn in the world of Graphic Design that your choice of program will depend on your needs. Do you want to design for the internet? Would you prefer to specialize in traditional media such as print? Or do you want to design for TV and the movies? Come up with goals and then ensure that the program you choose has some classes that fit your needs.

Graphic Design Schools

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