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Florida Career College

Florida Career College


Campus Programs

Diploma - Computer Repair Technician

9 Months / 37 Credits

Students are taught the skills necessary to enter the field of computer repair and maintenance. A technician's responsibilities may also include building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software packages, and creating and maintaining computer networks.  Students will use modern equipment and lab facilities to gain "hands-on" experience necessary for today's competitive job market.

Are You Ready to …

  • Use diagnostic equipment to analyze and fix computer malfunctions
  • Answer questions for people just learning how to use a computer
  • Fixing network equipment for a large business
  • Replace computer subsystems, such as hard drives or network cards
  • Maintain and repair computers, scanners, printers, monitors, and other computer equipment
  • Read technical manuals and explain complex procedures and systems to customers or co-workers

It Helps To Be …

  • Someone who is comfortable with technical equipment
  • A communicator and problem solver who loves to use clues to solve a good mystery
  • Someone who understands the importance of a business's IT network in its day-to-day operation

Florida Career College Career Track

The Diploma program in Computer Repair Technician can lead directly to the Associate's Degree program as a Computer Network Engineer. This can, in turn, lead to the FCC Bachelor's Degree programs in Management Information Systems, Accounting, or Business Administration.

Program offered is a Diploma.

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Campus Offerings:

Florida Career College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).