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Acting Schools for Kids

When your child wants to get involved in acting, or you want to get them involved, you have a lot of different options to choose from. Of course, for technical purposes and a better chance at success, acting schools for kids are going to be your best option. There are a variety of different schools and programs that are designed specifically for children in areas of music, theater, film acting, and more. No matter what your child has experience with or how much experience they have, programs exist to give them a better foundation to succeed in this competitive industry. Acting schools for kids should be evaluated on a few different criteria:

-Reputation. Everything in the film industry revolves around reputation. If you don't choose a good program for your children, you might not get them off on the right foot. Take the time to explore different programs and see what they can offer in terms of the quality of training and education in the areas of acting that your child is interested in.

-Prestige and alumni. While this isn't as important at the childhood level, picking an acting school that has famous alumni and is known for creating stars is always going to put you one step ahead. You still have to check out other elements, of course, but attending a program that was attended by a lot of known stars will always improve your chances of success.

-Classes or programs offered. If your child is interested in dramatic theater acting, that's the type of program you need to find. Likewise, if they've got an interest in film acting or TV acting, you should look for a program that includes those classes. It might sound obvious, but a lot of people assume that all acting schools teach all types of acting.

-Age ranges. With so much to think about, you might overlook the fact that acting schools for kids are usually divided into age groups. It will be critical to make sure that your child falls into the allowed age range for the program, no matter what type of acting they want to do.

-Costs. Are you willing to spend what it takes to get your child enrolled in the best acting schools for kids? There are some programs that offer scholarships and grants for underprivileged children or those who demonstrate exceptional skills, but this isn't always the case. Make sure that you choose a good acting school that is affordable.

The top 10 acting schools for kids are:

  • Young Actors Studio, Los Angeles
  • TVI Actors Studio, New York City
  • Kids Acting Studio, Austin, Texas
  • LCA, Los Angeles
  • Drama Kids International, locations worldwide
  • Children's Acting Academy, New York City
  • Northwest Children's Theater and School, Portland, Oregon
  • Theatre 4 Kids, Walton-on-Thames, England
  • John Robert Powers, Long Island, New York
  • Lisa Maile, Winter Park, Florida

If you can get your child into one of these programs, you can trust that you are getting the best of the best. However, there are plenty of local schools and programs nationwide that you can also select from for a less prestigious, more reasonably priced and local acting program.

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