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Top 10 Culinary Schools

Top 10 Culinary Schools - United StatesWith the world of employment and unemployment in a constant ebb and flow; the world of chefs, food preparation jobs and cooks is always ready to hire. The key is having the proper education and training in order to get the job. Attending one of the top 10 culinary schools is a good start to a successful career. Very often what school a person attends can help to launch a career in the culinary arts. With the beginning salary of a chef being approximately $35,000 annually, it is important to have connections in the right field.

Anyone looking to be trained in the specific method that Le Cordon Bleu is famous for has to look no further than the Atlantic Culinary Academy, known as one of the top 10 culinary schools. It is located in Dover, New Hampshire and hosted at McIntosh College. This college is near the coast and turns out graduates of their culinary academy in as little as 18 months.

Number two in the top 10 culinary schools list is California Culinary Academy. This school offers training of Le Cordon Blue and has been open since 1977. Located in the heart of San Francisco, the school is complete with all modern conveniences. For those located in Los Angeles there is the California School of Culinary Arts. This is the third in the list of top 10 culinary schools. This staff teaches in the method of Le Cordon Blue and, like the others that teach this method, is part of the system of schools in North America.
Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago is yet another of the top 10 culinary schools that teach in Le Cordon Blue methods. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, this school offers certificates and associate's degrees. For those in Chicago looking for another choice in top 10 culinary schools there is Kendall College. This college offers a top quality educational program of associate's or bachelor's degrees in baking, pastry creation, culinary arts and hospitality

The Culinary Institute of America graces the top 10 culinary schools list. Located in Hyde Park, New York, this school offers a large variety of certifications in the culinary arts and culinary management.  Also on the list of top 10 culinary schools is Johnson and Wales University. This school offers associate's and bachelor's degrees in culinary and baking arts. Their hands-on approach starts on the first day.

The New England Culinary Institute may be one of the most famous North American culinary arts schools out of all the top 10 culinary schools. It is famous for producing its world renowned chefs; their most recognizable being the winner of Iron Chef America 2009. The importance of attending one of the top 10 culinary schools is not only the quality education but the connections that can be made. A reputable school brings with it the influence of the chefs that came before. This is the equivalent to studying real estate with a local investor versus studying with Donald Trump.

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