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Online EKG Technician Degrees

The medical field has numerous degrees that can be earned at least in part through online means, and earning an online EKG technician degree is a perfect option for those serious about their careers. Becoming an EKG technician allows you to enter the medical field and work in hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, and more. It's a degree that will reward graduates professionally as well as personally since it allows them to earn salaries well above the national average and to know that they're helping others.

An EKG technician specializes in operating electrocardiography machines. It's a type of cardiovascular technician degree that has a very specialized area of concentrations. Basically an EKG is a test that is done on the patient's heart to determine its overall functionality and identify weaknesses. Most who earn an online EKG technician degree will be qualified to perform numerous other heart and cardiovascular tests. They'll usually assist the patient, answer questions, prepare the test, operate the equipment and administer the test, and then record the results. Usually they won't be qualified to actually make a diagnosis but many doctors include the EKG technician in their review of the test results.

Those who enroll in an online EKG technician degree program will have to complete hands on clinical training as well as their standard coursework. After earning their degree they will be able to enter the job market, and many of them continue their education further in order to secure their future.

Online EKG Technician Degrees

  • Associate Degree - Two years to complete

  • Bachelor's Degree - Four years to complete

There are two main paths to a career as an EKG technician, both of which are solid choices that offer different advantages and drawbacks. Those enrolling in an associate's degree program will be able to find them in most technical schools, community colleges, and trade schools. The programs usually include general education programs as well as specialized training that focuses on their daily job duties once they enter the job market. The classes are very similar to those that are used in a cardiovascular technician program only with a focus on EKG tests. In many cases students complete the basic cardiovascular technician program but then complete their EKG training on the job after being hired. This allows for a much better understanding of the different details related to their career and is a solid idea for anyone looking to pursue this kind of career.

Those taking online bachelor's degree EKG technician programs will do so at major colleges and universities. The programs are similar, but the bachelor's program focuses much more intently on liberal arts classes as well as giving a much more in-depth look at invasive and noninvasive procedures. The bachelor's degree program usually involves much more clinical duty prior to graduation as well. This option is better for those who have the time to master the field and will reward them with better pay directly out of college. It also makes it easier to continue your education when you decide to do so.

Basic Admission Requirements

Those looking to enter an online associate's degree program in the EKG technician field should hold a high school diploma or GED. In most cases these are the only real requirements beyond completion of the application. High school transcripts may need to be submitted as well, but most associate's programs won't require high GPA scores or SAT scores.

Those hoping for admission into a bachelor's degree program, however, will need to hold a solid GPA score and more. The admissions into these programs are competitive and feature much more stringent requirements. In addition to a solid GPA most schools require letters of recommendation, SAT scores, essays, and more. Taking advanced classes and health oriented electives during high school will also help tremendously. Students who already hold an associate's degree will also have much better luck during the admissions process.

Traditional and Online EKG Technician Degrees Key Differences

The only real difference between online and traditional programs is where the basic coursework will be completed. Students enrolling in online pogroms will be able to complete nearly all of the basic classes through online means. Traditional courses require students to show up for classes on a set schedule. The online option is much better for those with busy schedules, but those in traditional classes often have an easier time asking instructors for assistance and usually see various tools first hand. Both types of classes will culminate with hands on clinical duties that will be completed in hospitals or medical facilities, giving students the ability to master the process of performing the different exams and tests.

Tuition Information

Tuition costs vary based on the type of degree and the school being attended. Annual costs for those who enroll in an associate's degree program will be around three thousand dollars a year, often much less. Bachelor's degree programs generally come to 30,000 to 40,000 dollars annually depending on the school chosen. Financing options and financial aid like scholarships, grants, and loans are usually available and are easy to apply for when needed.

Accreditation Considerations

It's important to make sure that you enroll in a fully accredited online EKG technology program. This is because a lack of accreditation will often render your degree essentially worthless since most employers and some states wont' recognize a degree earned at a college that lacks accreditation. Two main accrediting bodies usually manage the accreditation for EKG programs - the Society for Vascular Ultrasound and the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. Additional accreditation from a regional accrediting board will only improve the respect a degree program receives.

Finding the Right Degree

If you're planning on enrolling in an EKG program you'll need to consider a couple of things. The first is whether to take online or traditional programs. This depends largely upon your level of discipline, your style of learning, and your schedule. You'll also have to decide between an associates or a bachelor's degree. For those looking for a solid entry level job, an associate's degree is usually enough. If you plan on continuing your education or want to ensure that you qualify for the best pay and the best positions, the extra two years in a bachelor's degree may be worth it.

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