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Patient Care Technician

(Morning Classes (M-F 9am - 1pm)and Evening Classes (M,W,TH 6pm - 11pm) - Available at all campuses.
Afternoon Classes (M-F 1pm - 5pm) - Available at the Roseville Campus)
. The Patient Care Technician program develops basic care skills required in a hospital environment. This includes taking vital signs, blood draws, dressing changes, Foley catheterizations, EKG's, assisting patients with activities of day-to-day living, and patient observation. The PCT is prepared to record pertinent information in patient charts and communicate with other members of the health care team to ensure continuity of patient care. (Note: A Wonderlic SLE test score of 18 is required for admission to this program.) Students in this program are supplied with one set of scrubs and one stethoscope after the first quarter of training. The Patient Care Technician program consists of 1020 clock hours.

KT101 Computer Keyboarding Lab 3
E102 Business Communication 3
ME101 Medical Terminology 3
MG106 Interpersonal Skills 3
MA110 Anatomy and Physiology/Musculoskeletal, Integumentary, Eye, Ear, and Endocrine Systems 3
MA111 Anatomy and Physiology/Digestive, Urinary, Reproductive, Nervous, and Cardiovascular Systems 3
MA106 Health History & Physical Measurements Lab 3
MA107 Surgical Asepsis and Pharmacology Lab 3
MA108 Urinalysis, Chemistry, and Hematology Lab 3
MA109 Electrocardiography, Radiology, and Physical Therapy 3
PC101 Patient Care Technician I 3
PC102 Patient Care Technician II 3
PC103 Patient Care Technician III 3
PC104 Patient Care Technician IV 3
PC105 Patient Care Technician V Externship 6
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