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Dorsey School

Dorsey School


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Medical Administration and Billing

(Morning Classes (M-F 9am - 1pm)and Evening Classes (M,W,TH 6pm - 11pm) - Available at all campuses except the Farmington Campus. Afternoon Classes (M-F 1pm - 5pm) - Available at the Roseville Campus) The Medical Administration and Billing program is well suited for those interested in administrative responsibilities within the medical field. This comprehensive training includes medical terminology and insurance coding necessary to accurately bill patients and insurance companies. The student will efficiently perform mathematical and accounting operations and learn to use a computerized medical billing program widely used in the profession. Skills and knowledge are enhanced through an externship that culminates the student's training. Students in this program are supplied with one set of scrubs after the first quarter of training. The Medical Administration and Billing program contains 1,020 clock hours.

KT101 Computer Keyboarding Lab 3
A101 Accounting I Lab 3
E102 Business Communications 3
C108 Spreadsheet Applications Lab 3
C110 Computer Medical Applications Lab 3
C111 Word Processing Applications Lab 3
MG106 Interpersonal Skills 3
ME101 Interpersonal Skills 3
ME102 Medical Office Procedures Lab 3
ME104 Medical Insurance Records 3
ME105 Medical Billing Externship 3
ME106 Advanced Medical Coding 3
MA110 Anatomy and Physiology/Musculoskeletal, Integumentary, Eye, Ear, and Endocrine Systems 3
MA111 Anatomy and Physiology/Digestive, Urinary, Reproductive, Nervous, and Cardiovascular Systems 3
MA112 Medical Office Administration 3
Total Quarter Credit Hours - 48

Program offered is a Certificate.

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Dorsey School is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.