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Dorsey School

Dorsey School


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Culinary Arts

Dorsey's specialized training permits you to take only those classes needed to seek employment. The Culinary Arts Program is designed to prepare students to work in professional food serving facilities in both the public and private sectors. Students "learn by doing" the practical side of professional food preparation. Areas of study include: professionalism, sanitation, knife skills, mise en place, butchering, cooking techniques, food preparation, food purchasing/specifications, healthy cooking/nutrition, baking, menu planning/costing, inventory control, catering, and production of regional and international cuisines. Education is in both kitchen and classroom settings.

Graduates of this program will have the skills needed to gain the competitive and creative edge in the development of their culinary career. The demand for well trained culinary staff continues to grow every year. Graduates are prepared to fulfill many entry-level food service roles, including sous chef, garde manger, baker, pantry, short order cook and line cook. Employment opportunities include restaurants, hotels, clubs, bakeries, food service departments of corporations, supermarkets, caterers and health related institutions. A 12 week externship offers students the opportunity to gain practical work experience while making the transition from school to work.

Students in this program are supplied with complementary chef coats (3), chef pants (3), chef hat (3) and knife/kitchen tools kit (1). The Culinary Arts Program is comprised of 1080 in class and externship hours and can be completed in 48 weeks.

Professional Certification: Upon successful completion of CA 100 the students will take the National Restaurant Association's ServSafe certification test.

Morning Classes 8am - 1pm
Afternoon Classes 1pm - 6pm
Evening Classes 6pm - 11pm

Program offered is a Certificate.

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Dorsey School is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.