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Dorsey School

Dorsey School


Campus Programs

Administrative Assistant

(Morning Classes only (M-F 9am - 1pm) - Available at the Roseville & Southgate Campuses)
The Administrative Assistant training offers sophisticated computer skills with the added advantage of courses in accounting. This program is intended for the individual seeking an active role in management. Emphasis is placed on computer and keyboard applications and strong communication skills. The Administrative Assistant program contains 1,200 clock hours.

KT101 Computer Keyboarding Lab 3
KT102 Computer Document Processing II Lab 3
KT103 Spec Computer Document Processing III Lab 3
KT105 Administrative Document Processing Lab 3
KT108 Machine Transcription Lab 3
A101 Principles of Accounting I Lab 3
A105 Payroll Accounting Lab 3
E101 English 3
E102 Business Communications 3
L101 Business Law 3
M101 Business Math 3
C108 Spreadsheet Applications Lab 3
C109 Database Management Lab 3
C111 Word Processing Applications Lab 3
C112 Computer Graphics Lab 3
C115 Integrated Office Applications Lab 3
MG106 Interpersonal Skills 3
  Elective 3
  Elective 3
  Elective 3
Total Quarter Credit Hours - 60

Electives (choose three depending on course availability)
A102 Principles of Accounting II Lab 3
L102 Legal Office Procedures 3
L103 Legal Terminology 3
ME101 Medical Terminology 3
KT107 Medical Transcription Lab 3
KT110 Legal Transcription Lab 3

Program offered is a Certificate.

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Dorsey School is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.