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Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts


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The education and training you’ll receive at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, is a major accomplishment and a significant step toward accomplishing your dreams. CDIA’s Career Services office is ready to help you start your career with a variety of career development programs.

Ultimately, the level of success you achieve during your certificate program and after graduation depends largely on the effort you put in. It is up to you to gather the necessary skills throughout the program and then put together a portfolio, website and/or demo reel to professionally and accurately represent your ability to potential employers.

Graduates of professional certificate programs are eligible for career services assistance. While we make a strong effort to meet their preferences for location and type of work, employment is not guaranteed. All graduates must be in good standing and have fulfilled all requirements to be eligible for assistance.

In Career Services, we are always looking for ways to increase employer awareness of our graduates. We build and maintain relationships with key industry decision makers, develop job/internship opportunities and monitor industry and employment trends.

Career Services offers unlimited resources to alumni and current students in the following ways:

  1. Group and individual job search-related assistance to enrolled, active students: workshops, special events, and seminars, and one-on-one meetings with Career Services representatives.
  2. Alumni may contact the Career Services Department for individual assistance. They are also always invited and encouraged to attend special events, seminars and alumni group meetings. Alumni may also take advantage of our intranet resources, including available internal and external job and project openings.

Go Far: Be a Part of CDIA

At CDIA, students pursue their creative passions while they train for exciting careers in the digital imaging arts. Whether you dream of becoming a filmmaker, photographer, animator, graphic or web designer, web developer or audio production professional, we’ll help you get ready for your future. If you are ready to take the first step toward your new career, please contact us today.

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