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Health Information Technology

Program offered is an Associate.

The health information technology field employs professionals who are responsible for the organization and accurate maintenance of patient medical records. These files track data about patients' symptoms, medical history, x-ray and laboratory test results, diagnoses, and health care-related treatment. Health information technology professionals ensure that this information is entered into computerized medical records systems. Additionally, health information professionals must regularly communicate with physicians to ensure accuracy, clarify diagnoses, and obtain supplementary information to update patients' files. They are often also responsible for the timely and accurate submission of complex insurance documents.

The Health Information Technology program prepares students for employment in medical or dental offices, clinics, or by independent billing companies. Instruction combines theory and practice to meet the competencies needed for entry-level employment. Students learn to prepare various health claims forms using medical billing software. In doing so, they acquire a working knowledge of human anatomy and medical terminology, as well as comprehension of the legal, ethical and regulatory standards of medical records management. Students learn to accurately interpret medical records, including diagnoses and procedures of health care providers, as well as to document and code the information for submission to insurance companies. The program provides additional curriculum in general education, communication, and management for graduates seeking entry-level supervisory positions.

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