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Career Point College

Career Point College


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Career Point College - San Antonio, Texas

Career Point College is a coeducational proprietary school. The corporation’s name is Dickinson of San Antonio, Inc., a Kansas corporation, d.b.a. Career Point College. Dickinson of San Antonio, Inc. is, in turn, a subsidiary of Edudyne Systems, Inc., which is a Missouri corporation. Edudyne is a diverse company specializing in educational products and services. The Board of Directors is compromised of one member: Lawrence D. Earle; there are four officers of the corporation: Lawrence D. Earle, President and Secretary/Treasurer; David Murguia, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Kimberly Murguia, Vice President of Operations and Carol Kendall, Corporate Vice President.


The objectives of Career Point College, through its administration and faculty, are:


  • To instill in our students a sense of accountability, both to themselves and their future employers.
  • To encourage students to maximize their productivity and to understand that, at a minimum, such productivity must be considered acceptable to their future employers.
  • To provide an environment conducive to student completion of the school’s programs and the employment of the school’s graduates.
  • To provide students with necessary knowledge and skills to perform those tasks required of entry-mid level business, medical, and technical employees.


To this end, the school offers employment assistance to all students who have earned a Diploma or Degree. In addition, Career Point College provides re-placement assistance to previously placed students who have lost their jobs as well as to those graduates who wish to change their current positions.


Career Point College occupies three contiguous facilities containing office space which is centrally heated and air- conditioned, and provides students and staff with a modern, businesslike educational environment. Incorporated in our facilities are administrative offices, classrooms, resource centers and student lounge areas. Classrooms are equipped with modern business, medical, and technical equipment. The classroom and office facilities occupy over 85,000 square feet.

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