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Cambridge College


Campus Programs

Master of Education in History, Humanities

For Master of Education in History, Humanities program we offer these courses:

  • HIS610 World History (Part One to 1492) - 3 credits
  • HIS611 World History (Part Two 1492 – 2006) - 3 credits
  • HIS630 Birth of a Nation: the Federalist Papers - 2 credits
  • HIS631 Revolution to Reconstruction - 3 credits
  • HIS632 America at War - 3 credits
  • HUM520 Museum - 3 credits
  • HIS640 Social Justice and Citizenship - 3 credits
  • HIS635 The First Five Presidents/U.S. - 3 credits
  • HIS634 The Discovery of America - 3 credits
  • HIS633 The Rise of America as a World Power - 3 credits

Program offered is a Master Degree.

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