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Take Charge of your Future with California InterContinental University

Earn your degree entirely online from California InterContinental University (CalUniversity). Dedicated to ensuring the success of its students, this fully-accredited university promotes quality learning, critical thinking, and the discovery of new knowledge for the benefit of diverse business communities.

Why Choose CalUniversity?

  • Patent pending ADVISE Program Delivery Model: CalUniversity helps students achieve greater knowledge transfer, retention and application through the use of our CASE & ADVISE learning method that utilize Learning Guides, Interactive Learning Guides, Case Studies, Projects, Presentations, Video, Game Simulations and other learning tools
  • Career Development: Develop your Vision – Plan – Action (VPA) strategies through CalUniversity and learn not only how to have big ideas but how to practically achieve them in a highly competitive global business environment.
  • Surround yourself with successful people through a Professional Membership to Entrepreneur21 Network, get featured as an expert / service provider with in Entrepreneur21.net community, and “Success Coaching” by United States Global Enterprise Association (USGEA) business Coaches.
  • Attend annual Entrepreneurs Conference (ECON) & Best Enterprise Awards Ceremony as part of the CalUniversity Colloquium.
  • Flexibility! We never sacrifice quality for convenience, ensuring that you receive the most flexible and quality online degree program available. CalUniversity has designed its courses to be completed anytime and anywhere, you’re able to schedule your education around your busy life
  • Outstanding Faculty! We believe that in order for you to become your best, you must learn from industry leaders and experts, which is why students are engaged by industry-leading, superlative faculty.

CalUniversity offers an unparalleled online education - our personalized student attention, curriculum designed for online learning success, and skilled faculty with both academic and professional experience help make up CalUniversity's first-class education.

What Does CalUniversity Offer?

  • CalUniversity offers more than a typical education—we offer an educational experience. The learning experience at Cal University is about accomplishment. From your first course on, you’ll learn how to take expert knowledge and put it to work in achieving your goals. By constantly feeling uplifted through this accomplishment, you’ll have the motivation to go on realizing Vision, Brilliance, and Success for the rest of your career.
  • CalUniversity is proud to offer affordable tuition rates that bring an education within reach, tuition rate of $175 per credit for BBA program, $250 per credit for MBA program, and $300 per credit for DBA program.
  • CalUniversity offers flexible payment plans as well as a variety of scholarship programs so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.