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Antonelli College, a well-known member of the visual arts community in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1947, has held to the traditions of both quality teaching in the fields of visual arts and business and presenting students with the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents into professional skills.

The college began as the Gebhardt Art School in 1947 with a philosophy of educating the total artist, based on the fundamentals of craftsmanship. In the mid-1970s, the college was renamed the Ohio Visual Art Institute, and in 1982, it became Antonelli College.

During the 1990s, degree programs were added in business and technology, and in January 2005, even more programs were added in the medical and massage therapy fields. In January 1996, branches in Jackson and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, were opened, thus continuing the long-standing tradition of quality career education. In 2008, Antonelli College added online programs.

These degrees and diplomas are occupational in nature.

For more information on our graduation rates, the median loan debt of graduates, and other important information, please go to http://www.antonellicollege.edu/antonelli-disclosure-information.pdf.