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Accounting Technology

The accounting profession continues to evolve in the new century, and technological developments have significantly enhanced both quality and productivity throughout the industry. Increasing complexities in accounting, changes in accounting standards and the current economic conditions have all contributed to a growing need for individuals with entry-level skills in the accounting profession. The objective of the Associate of Science degree program in Accounting Technology is to prepare students with a solid foundation of accounting knowledge and technological skills so that they can seek entry-level employment in the accounting industry.

The Accounting Technology program is built upon a solid set of core accounting courses that provide the competencies needed for graduates to be successful at the entry level. Additionally, specific courses have been designed to prepare students to proficiently use the technology commonly employed in the accounting industry. Furthermore, related subjects such as business, finance, economics, and accounting professional practices are covered to prepare students on general knowledge necessary as a professional in the field. Students in this program also take a set of general education courses that help train them in areas of critical thinking, verbal and written communication, humanities, mathematical, natural and social sciences.

The Associate of Science program in Accounting Technology consists of 20 courses with a total of 60 semester credits, which can be completed in 20 months in the best case scenario. Of the 20 courses, 15 are in the accounting occupational field and 5 in general education. Graduates from the Associate's program are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as: Bookkeeper, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Inventory Analyst, Payroll Specialist, Collection Specialist, Sales Analyst, and Tax Associate.

Program offered is an Associate Degree.

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  • None : This program is taught Online.