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Academies at the University of Canada West

Academies at the University of Canada West


Campus Programs

Practical Nursing

Practical Nurses work in concert with fellow health care specialists in settings like acute care wards, private homes, public schools and long-term care facilities. The Practical Nursing Diploma program at the Academy of Health trains students to work in medical, surgical and rehabilitation care in a variety of positions. The 51-week intensive training program introduces students to the fundamental duties and responsibilities of a Practical Nurse. The curriculum follows standards laid out by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia. Students are trained in both holistic and clinical practices, with a focus on the Nursing Arts. Courses combine classroom learning and lab work, as well as three practicum placements. During this supervised hands-on training, students gain experience in facilities dealing with acute care, gerontology and community medical care. At the end of the supervised learning, students participate in a preceptorship and job search training, to help transition them from student to graduate.

Program offered is a Certificate.

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Campus Offerings:

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