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BSCJ - Law Enforcement

If you are seeking a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree completion program, AIU Online can help you with your education needs.

AIU Online's Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ) degree completion program prepares students to demonstrate knowledge and abilities in criminal justice and juvenile justice processes, criminology, law enforcement, law adjudication and corrections. The primary goal of this program is to prepare students to become qualified criminal justice professionals.

The opportunity for public service through law enforcement work is attractive to many because the job is challenging and involves much personal responsibility. Furthermore, law enforcement officers in many agencies may retire with a pension after 25 or 30 years of service, allowing them to pursue a second career while still in their 40s or 50s.*

A more security-conscious society and concern about drug-related crimes should contribute to the increasing demand for police services. Applicants with college training in police science, military police experience, or both should have the best opportunities.**

AIU Online's BSCJ degree completion program with a concentration in Law Enforcement is designed to help meet the need for career-focused professionals with the knowledge and skills to pursue exciting opportunities in this growing area of the criminal justice industry.

Career Opportunities

AIU Online's BSCJ with a concentration in Law Enforcement can help prepare students interested in developing and advancing such interesting, in-demand career opportunities as:

  • Police Officer
  • DEA Agent
  • State Insurance Fraud Investigator
  • Homeland Security Agent
  • and many others

Additional training or certification may be required for some positions.

Learning from Experience

The BSCJ with a concentration in Law Enforcement features industry-relevant coursework taught by faculty members with real-world experience in the criminal justice industry. Learning from experienced instructors, you can absorb career-relevant knowledge that can immediately be applied in real-world professional situations. Instructors will cover material including:

  • The elements of investigation, including crime scenes, witnesses and evidence, investigative techniques, evidence documentation, interrogation and arrest.
  • Issues involving police ethics, police culture, and the public image of police agencies in the media.
  • The history and theories of crime prevention and preventative methods employed by police agencies and much more.

Program offered is a Bachelor Degree.

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Campus Offerings:
  • None : This program is taught Online.

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